Our models are built with an image-based 3d scanning method.

The use of 120+ high tech DSLR cameras in combination with premium objectives with fixed focal length and a 24 MP resolution enables a noticeable quality intensification to comparable Rigs.
A synchronisation of 1/200s allows vitalised, dynamical recordings and assure maximum quality.

3d Scanning Rig

Motion Capture

Our models get scanned, retopologized and rigged in A-pose.
Subsequently the desired motions get recorded individual in our 50m² large motioncapture-studio.
By the combination of animation and anatomie from the same source we recieve an unmatched authenticity, as individual moves match to a model as unique as a fingerprint.

Cloth Simulation

Each garment gets reworked by hand. Subsequently the correct physical properties are designed with Marvelous Designer.

3d Scanning polygons