You asked for it, we listened – Bundles!

What can be better than one perfectly modelled and textured 3D character to enliven your architectural rendering? Easy answer: a lot of them!

You know, our 3D PEOPLE are one big family, they get along very well. By combining them, your scenes will not only gain comprehensibility, they will come to life.

The 3D PEOPLE will be interacting with each other, sharing the same space and activity in your visualizations. The communication between the characters sparks the viewers imagination, filling the story taking place in the picture with details of his own.

That is the essence of liveliness.

Bundle BOOOM… Get more for your money!

SAVE 25%

with Animated Bundles

SAVE 35%

with Posed Bundles

To help you with the best mix, we have put together some fine bundles. Depending on the theme of your next project, you can choose from all kinds of different collections.

Up for Business? Here you go.
Want to do sports? We got you covered.
Got a party going? Invite our casuals.

And if you are looking for something specific…

And if you are looking for something specific… contact us:

    2003 Casual Bundle
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    1004 Sports Bundle 01
    299.00 Add to cart
    2001 Walk Bundle
    299.00 Add to cart
    1002 Business Bundle
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