Hollywood for everyone!

Our ready-animated-people are the next step to our ready-posed-people. Our aim once more was to create appealing, realistic human figures for virtual scenes – but this time enhanced with animation.
Quality wise we were not willing to compromise – since nothing spoils an Illusion as fast as an unconvincingly animated character. In conclusion, we coldn´t settle for anything less than modern state-of-the-art technology. We found the solution by combining the 3D PEOPLE Scans with their own individual movements, tracked with our in-house motion capture stage.
Furthermore, our 3D PEOPLE are enhanced with a physically correct cloth simulation for their garments,

which are remodeled individually for this purpose. The result of this effort is a convincing character, suitable to enliven your animations.The flawless appearance of our 3D PEOPLE was our main ambition, but our second goal was any less important. Visually convincing ready animated 3D PEOPLE are great, but serve no purpose when applying them is too complex or too time-consuming for projects on a budget. Neither additional software nor profound technical knowledge are necessary to harness the power of our ready animated people to its full extent.
Choose. Drop. Render. It´s as easy as that.
Hollywood for everyone!