The benefits of ready posed figures

In order to turn a vision into reality, everybody involved in the project needs to be convinced of the idea. To achieve this, flawless communication is essential – of which the most effective way always has been with the help of an image. Ever since computer generated imagery has reached its present-day significance, visualizations have become the center element of every presentation.
By adding protagonists, these illustrations are enlivened, functions are explained and often the scale is clarified. The human figures enable the viewer to connect to the scene depicted on an emotional level. Unfortunately, this task often represents the most tedious part of the time-consuming postwork necessary to generate quality renderings.

Photos of people that match the pictured scene need to be assembled, cut out, scaled and inserted according to perspective, making the illustration complete.
A contemporary solution to this would be the use of 3D PEOPLE – once inserted into the virtual scene, perspective, reflections and shadows all would be taken care of automatically.
Unfortunately, convincing 3D PEOPLE were long time difficult to find.
In 2012 we set out to change this shortcoming of high quality human models and founded Renderpeople. Soon we became the number one leading resource for ready posed people, making the use of 3d figures for architectural visualizations worldwide as an established workflow. Now, 3D PEOPLE will take this technique to a new level.