High-end technology for every budget.


Our Models are based on a fotogrammetric 3D scanning method – a highly complex technique we have been successfully utilizing and optimizing for over five years now. Over 200 synchronized DSLR Cameras with brand-name prime lenses capture our models with 24 mp resolution from every angle. This provides us with the depth of detail necessary to reach the realism and quality of our models.

Our fotogrammetric rig – encompassingover 10 cubic meters of scanning volume – is optimized for capturing the human figure. Generating textures with 16.384 x 16.384 pixel resolution and 3d models with over ten million polygons, the system provides us with the best possible foundation for the thorough manual processing to follow. Our team of experienced 3d artists converts the raw material into useable 3D PEOPLE, combining premium visual appearance with a reasonable filesize.

3d Scanning Rig

Motion Capturing

We always felt strongly confirmed in our endeavor by the positive impact the ready posed figures had. But to us, it also was a spur to take on the next step. After all, static perspectives represent only a fraction of possible ways to visualize an architectural project, the animation being the bigger challenge. In addition to a lively appearance, the task is expanded by a crucial factor – a naturalistic, convincing movement.

The human eye tends to examine humanlike figures very strictly. Beyond that, a person’s way of walking is nearly as individual as ones fingerprint. In conclusion, we decided to use each scanned models native movements to enhance the corresponding 3d scans with these. To achieve this, we expanded our scan studio by another high-end feature: a motion capturing stage.

The technique is used by large special effects companies throughout the world to gain the most realistic movements for their artificial figures. This – and the combination of a physically correct cloth-simulation for the garments – gives us the best results. Under the hood, the technology used is nothing short from impressive, this is confirmed by the results visually.

But we found it very important, that our figures can be used for all sorts of projects – even if working on a small budget – without the need for extra software or highly skilled personnel.

This is why our figures are ready to use out of the box – no further knowledge necessary. Choose. Drop. Render. It´s as simple as that.


Technical Specs:


3 Million Polygon RAW Scan
High resolution base RAW mesh for detail refinement


120+ Nikon DSLR Cameras
Positioned for high performance scanning and highly detailed face scanning


1,5m x 1,5m x 2,00m Scan Volume
Capturing the persons vivid and realistic look in real world scale


8k texture resolution
Capturing up to 8.192 x 8.192 px for recreating every smallest detail