How can I download the free models?
First, you should be a registered customer, and then you can download the free model from the model page. If you are not a registered customer yet, please register first for the download button to appear..
Can I use 3DPeople with my renderer?
Our download package for posed figures includes files for 3DS Max and Cinema4D – both as native format and VRAY. Additionally, the files come as OBJ-format, which is compatible with nearly every render-engine available. If you have any problems using our ready posed 3DPeople with your renderer, please let us know. The ready animated figures are provided as alembic files, which are supported by 3DS Max 2018 or higher and Cinema 4D R17 or higher.
When can I download the models, I have added to my shopping cart?
As soon as we receive the payment, your models will be free to download.
How do we receive the money?
We get our money through Paypal plus.
Is it necessary to have a Paypal account?
No it is not necessary to have a Paypal account at all. Our customers can use any payment method they prefer.
Why do I see PayPal plus for payment even though I have chosen Credit Card or any other payment method?
No matter what payment method you pay with, we will always receive our money through PayPal.
How do I import and Set up Alembic Files in 3DsMax