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3DPEOPLE rendered human models come in three different types

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Image: 3DPEOPLE product type posed people; different persons and poses


Our ready-posed 3DPEOPLE are the perfect choice for every virtual scene that needs to be enhanced with life-like human models. Growing every day, our diverse collection can populate even the largest virtual scene.

Image: 3DPEOPLE product type rigged people; different people in a-pose


Our ready-animated 3DPEOPLE are what you need to bring your movie to life! Animations captured from the actual real life model guarantee the best match. The cloth is simulated in a separate pipeline to ensure the ultimate realistic appearance.

Image: 3DPEOPLE product type animated people; various pictures of one person from different frames of an animation

Animated 3DPEOPLE

Our ready-rigged 3DPEOPLE are ideal for those who need full control. Equipped with control and facial rig, these models will do exactly as they are told, supporting your vision.

The ultimate in rendering technology

3DPEOPLE’s fast-growing collection of super life-like human models is the top choice to populate your professional 3D scenes and environments.

Our photorealistic models are the quickest, easiest and most cost-efficient way to enhance your projects – be it for architectural visualization, animation, visual FX, virtual reality, walkthroughs, augmented reality, games, pre-vis, print media or any other creative application in a quickly expanding virtual world. Whenever you need that lively human component in your digital pipeline – 3DPEOPLE is the best choice.

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Realistic & life-like

Scanned from life, our 3DPEOPLE will add that human touch to your scenes. Shadows and reflections adapt to all 3D lighting and appear completely natural. Bring your vision to life and your images to another level – benefit from the liveliness of real people to tell your story!

Variable & adaptable

Our models represent a wide range of ethnicities, age groups, professions and styles. Choose from a huge selection of themes and services such as offices, retail, gastronomy, medical, education, sports, outdoor work and leisure, evening wear and more. Add an animal friend to keep your happy people company!

Quick & easy to use

360° usability, accurate perspectives and easy to work with in 3D space. No post-processing neccessary, customize directly in 3D space. The pose, as a part of the 3D-Scene, will match the perspective naturally. Fill your image with 3DPEOPLE and let them fill it with life – be it in the front, middle ground or in the back.

Fast, advanced, super-charged:

The technology behind 3DPEOPLE

3.2 billion pixels

Each scanned 3D model ist made from high-resolution base data. And when we say high resolution, we mean it: a total of 3,120,000,000 pixels is used as the source for every new figure. But that is just what it takes to deliver the cutting edge quality we have set as our standard.

Volumetric calculation

In order to generate the raw 3D-Mesh from the high-resolution source files, combined calculation power of 192 cores is put into action. The outcome is an ultra-dense polygonal mesh, consisting of over six million facets.

Manual retouching

The quality of our products is not exclusively based on the power of state-of-the-art hardware. The final magic is added with the help of the most valuable ingredient – artistic skill. Numerous highly trained Artists around the globe dedicate their expertise to create the best quality in balance with the optimal polycount.

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What real people are saying

“3Dpeople’s assets are unparalleled in the industry for ready-made character content. Professional quality movement, realistic secondary animation and high level of detail; all easily integrating into production has brought our projects to life as never before.”

– Dave Boarini –

Focus 360

“3DPeople’s lifelike figures have quickly become vital assets in Infinite 3D’s architectural visualization scenes, with a broad range of animated people allowing for engaging, dynamic sequences that were previously impossible to achieve.”

– Stewart Jones –

Director / Infinite 3D Ltd. / UK

“ is by far the best resource for pre-animated people we have found. Cloth simulations, finger and hand movement, eye movements and some of the best service we have had to date. These guys are game changers!”

– Keith Reid –

Binyan / Australia

“The human models from 3DPeople really have a great quality. The high level of details, mapping settings, and quality of textures promote a high end product. They guarantee a realist and professional look to any Archivz job.”

– Duilio Maciel –

Bless 3D Studio / Brazil

3DPEOPLE support all the major 3D applications

3ds Max
Cinema 4D
Sketch Up
Unreal Engine 4

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